Guide to Chelmsford

Things to do in Chelmsford

Chelmsford is a city in the county of Essex, and is an ideal base to explore the south of England. There is also a vast range of things to do in Chelmsford. The town centre boasts excellent shopping and over 100 places to eat and drink. Really unique places to visit whilst in Chelmsford are Riverside ice and leisure, Chelmsford museum, Essex county cricket club and Chelmsford Cathedral. The town is quite condensed, so using the local taxi service is easy and affordable, all taxi drivers in Chelmsford are fully licensed and will make your visit less stressful.

Chelmsford is surrounded by local history, and has some fascinating places to visit. You must see Chelmsford Museum whilst visiting, the museum is a local history and industrial heritage museum. Chelmsford museum was founded in 1835, and is based in a Victorian building set in the park. The museum features exhibits and interactive displays, focusing on Crompton, Marconi and Hoffman. These men were leading figures, in the development of the city, each bringing their businesses to Chelmsford, and making it the successful working city it is today. The museum also includes displays of fine art, glass, costumes, coins and natural history.

Another fantastic place to visit is Chelmsford Cathedral, The Cathedral is a 15th Century building with amazing architecture, although this cathedral is one of the smallest Cathedrals in the country. On approaching this cathedral it looks more like a Parish church. Visitors are amazed when they enter to find, how the light filters through the open space and makes it feel spacious and airy. You can wander through the Cathedral gazing at the stain glass windows, and colorful ceilings or simply sit and soak up the amazing atmosphere.

A more modern place to visit is the Riverside ice and leisure complex, this ice rink is the home to the Chelmsford Chieftains ice hockey team. It has the most amazing lighting and sound system, and delivers a totally fantastic experience for everyone visiting. The disco and party atmosphere enhances the overall effect, and even the novice skater will have hours of fun in this attraction. There are two ice rinks at the leisure complex, and also a fully licensed bar, cafeteria, vending and seating for over 600 spectators.

There are other parks and attractions to visit, and depending on how long you stay in Chelmsford, will determine if you have time to see them all. The Marsh farm county park is an excellent place to visit with small children. The farm is a working farm so the children will experience and see how a farm really functions, it is a fun but educational day out. Marsh farm is set on a county park, so there are plenty of walks and trials to keep you busy. For the sporting visitors a trip to the Essex county cricket club is a definite. This cricket club is one of the 18 major cricket clubs which make up the English domestic cricket structure. The club plays a large majority of its home games at Chelmsford, and if you get the opportunity to watch a match whilst in Chelmsford then do so. With so much to do in Chelmsford you will return time after time.